5 Mistakes when sitting your B2 FIRST Reading paper

I am giving a presentation on 28 February at Universidad de Piura on tips for Reading and Use of English paper of B2 First, and being only 4 weeks away from the day of the seminar, I decided to start working on the how to build my presentation.   Of course, we all want to avoid mistakes, so I thought “why not discussing some common mistakes we could avoid”.  Please, find below some ideas you might find useful.

  1. Reading every word from the very beginning.  Skimming is not cheating!!!  When you are in an exam, you have very limited time to finish each task, so my advice would be to give a quick overview to the text, then read the questions, and start again reading in a more carful way, trying to find the responses.
  2. Trying to remember it all. It is not possible!!!!  The question paper is for you to work on it: underline it, mark it, and above all, mark and number each response you find.
  3. Spending too much time one question. If you do not find a response to one of the questions, just look at the numbers, questions and answers are always in the same order. Let’s say you don’t find respond to question 3: it will be in text, between responses number 2 and number 4.
  4. Response out of the question. If the question is something like “How do you find your new house?, response will not be “we found our new house last week”.  You need to focus on what is the question, and then find a response that is suitable.
  5. Looking for answers with the exact same words. This won’t happen!  FIRST is a B2 exam, look for the same meaning, paraphrased sentences and synonyms, you won’t find the exact words in the text and the set of answers.

As you can see, these mistakes are very easy to avoid, and none of them have to do with the fact of knowing less or more English, they rather have to do with practicing and using a wider variety of reading strategies.

I am looking forward to the seminar were I will be listening to your ideas on this matter!!!!

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