Why a fast-turnaround English test is proving popular around the world

Dear Colleagues, Please, find below an interesting article published in our Newsletter December 2017, Cambridge Assessment English, Southern Cone & Andes.
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A new test that is simplifying English language testing for organisations is proving popular around the world. Linguaskill from Cambridge Assessment English is an on-demand and easy to set-up English language test aimed at organisations and universities. It is already being used in different sectors in Mexico, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE and by the global higher education chain Laureate.
Linguaskill gives organisations a fast and accurate measure of a students’ English language ability. It is a multilevel online test, providing personalised results in 12 hours using sophisticated computer-marking methods. The individual and group reports generated from the tests taken are then used to make decisions related to recruitment, training or approving course completion. Linguaskill helps reduce the time and administrative burden for organisations needing to assess language ability so that they can move candidates on to the next stage with minimum delay.
Experts from Cambridge who developed the test say that the convenience of Linguaskill is the key driver to its success.  Mainda Kiwelu, Global Product Manager at Cambridge Assessment English said:
‘Cambridge English Qualifications such as First and Advanced provide important evidence of learners’ achievements, demonstrating the investment they have made in learning at a specific language level.
Linguaskill provides something a bit different. It enables institutions to quickly check the current proficiency levels of groups who may have different levels of ability and a range of qualifications. For example, it can be used to check their skills at the point of admission, see how well their skills are developing during their course and find out what their level is at graduation.’
For employers, Linguaskill is ideal for checking candidates’ English language levels for recruitment purposes or to measure the return of investment on employee language training programmes they have delivered. Linguaskill is convenient and can be set up at any location at a time and venue that suits the organisation.
Linguaskill tests writing, reading and listening skills from A1 up to C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, an internationally recognised measure of language ability.

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